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Reasons to Consider Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Although the popular opinion about filing for bankruptcy is that Chapter 7 is preferable to filing for Chapter 13, there are many reasons to choose the latter.

When you opt for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will be granted a longer time to reorganize all of your financial statements and affairs. This includes being able to keep any items that are not covered by Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In some cases you will not be asked to pay back a single penny to unsecured creditors. If you have any malicious or willful injury and divorce settlement obligations it is possible to have those discharged as well.

Many people find that this kind of bankruptcy brings less scrutiny by the Department of Justice which can alleviate your already stressful life.

Finally, if you decide that you want to try Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can always petition to file under the alternative bankruptcy. Or, you could even opt to modify your own Chapter 13 plan at anytime.

Learn more about Chapter 13 by contacting our law office to discuss your options with aChicago bankruptcy attorney.

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