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Whittling Down Credit Card Debt

If you are like millions of Americans, you have serious credit card debt. While it can be overwhelming to imagine paying off all of your debt at once, there are ways to whittle down your debts by using debt relief techniques.

Whenever you find some extra money in your pocket, use it to make micropayments toward your debt. No matter how large or small the amount may be, it will all add up to paying off your debts in the end. Money made from garage sales, eBay sales or freelance work that you do not need to pay bills should always be used to pay off your credit card debt. Rather than put that money into your bank account, where you are likely to spend it on other items, send a check to the credit card with the lowest balance.

If you cannot scrounge up any extra money, look for a part-time job. Although this may not be initially appealing, it will help you cut down your debt considerably at a faster rate. Even if it is just shoveling snow or painting houses, any extra amount will count towards reducing your overall debt.

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