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Blog Posts in June, 2011

Know Your Rights, Stop Creditor Abuse

Have you recently become a victim of creditor abuse ? If so, you need to familiarize yourself with your rights. When a creditor calls, you do not need to discuss any personal details with that person. ...
Continue reading "Know Your Rights, Stop Creditor Abuse" »

Attorneys for Illinois May Sue North Carolina Banks for Foreclosure Practices

If a settlement isn't reached soon, state attorneys for Illinois and North Carolina plan on suing several banks over their foreclosure practices. According to Attorney General Lisa Madigan and ...
Continue reading "Attorneys for Illinois May Sue North Carolina Banks for Foreclosure Practices" »

Giordano's Bankruptcy Case Gets Weirder

The bankruptcy case for Giordano's reached an all-time low this week as one man was physically removed from the court room. According to court insiders, Marshall Home filed a claim against ...
Continue reading "Giordano's Bankruptcy Case Gets Weirder" »

Underemployment and Unemployment Major Causes for Bankruptcy

The two primary causes cited for bankruptcy filings are underemployment or loss of employment. According to a recent report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of mass-layoffs has ...
Continue reading "Underemployment and Unemployment Major Causes for Bankruptcy" »

Chapter 7 and Your Debt

Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as the "slate cleaning" bankruptcy, it does not discharge all of your debts. Depending on your specific debts, some to most can be dismissed in a ...
Continue reading "Chapter 7 and Your Debt" »

Borders to Extend Leases Despite Bankruptcy

In an effort to meet its Chapter 11 bankruptcy requirements, Borders has announced its efforts to extend leases on 11 stores and halt going-out-of-business sales. At this time, Borders' officials ...
Continue reading "Borders to Extend Leases Despite Bankruptcy" »

3 Important Chapter 13 Eligibility Requirements

If you are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, there are three eligibility requirements that you must pass. If you filed for bankruptcy in the past six months and your case was dismissed, ...
Continue reading "3 Important Chapter 13 Eligibility Requirements" »

Dramatic Increase in Foreclosures for Cook County

An increase in Cook County foreclosures is the reported reason for a dramatic increase in foreclosure filings in the Chicago area. In May, about 3,560 homeowners in Cook County alone were informed ...
Continue reading "Dramatic Increase in Foreclosures for Cook County" »

Chicago Tribune Makes Changes to Exit Chapter 11

In an attempt to come out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the Chicago Tribune is making some serious changes to its regular print editions. These changes, however, will actually benefit readers ...
Continue reading "Chicago Tribune Makes Changes to Exit Chapter 11" »

Bankruptcy May Solve Financial Woes

Is your bank account constantly in the red? Do you have trouble making your regular monthly payments? If so, you may be considering bankruptcy to solve your problems. However, before you file for ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy May Solve Financial Woes" »

Marie Callenders To Shut Down Restaurants

Court records show that the owner of Marie Callenders and Perkins restaurants will shut down 65 of its 600 locations across the country. The company recently announced its decision to file for ...
Continue reading "Marie Callenders To Shut Down Restaurants" »

Debt Consolidation Vs. Debt Negotiation

If you want to take care of your debts once and for all, you may be weighing two options, debt consolidation versus debt negotiation. Understanding the key differences between them can make a ...
Continue reading "Debt Consolidation Vs. Debt Negotiation" »

Chapter 7 and Your Creditors

Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy does enable you to erase most of your debts, your creditors will still be given the chance to fight for your money. This dismissal of debts, known as a ...
Continue reading "Chapter 7 and Your Creditors" »

Financial Relief with Chapter 13

If you are worried about your finances plummeting any further into the red, it is time to think about Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Although businesses can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection as well, ...
Continue reading "Financial Relief with Chapter 13" »

Debt Relief Tips

When you find yourself constantly checking your bank statements in disbelief, it is time to consider debt relief. There are ways to get back on your feet financially if you are serious about doing so. ...
Continue reading "Debt Relief Tips" »

Creditor Abuse and Your Rights

Are you a victim of creditor harassment ? If so, you need to learn about your rights now to protect them in the future. If a creditor has been calling your friends or family, this can often be seen ...
Continue reading "Creditor Abuse and Your Rights" »

10% of Rental Units at Risk for Foreclosure in Chicago

A new study, entitled "Lawyer's Committee for Better Housing's Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project," reveals that over ten percent of rental units in Chicago are at risk of ...
Continue reading "10% of Rental Units at Risk for Foreclosure in Chicago" »

Washington Mutual Offered Extension

Washington Mutual Inc. was given an extension this week to come to an agreement with shareholders who continue to have objections to the proposed reorganization plan. In Delaware, Judge Mary Walrath, ...
Continue reading "Washington Mutual Offered Extension" »

Cancer Survivors More Likely to File for Bankruptcy

A surprising report released at the American Society of Clinical Oncology this week showed that within the five year period of being diagnosed with cancer, survivors are more likely to file for ...
Continue reading "Cancer Survivors More Likely to File for Bankruptcy" »

When Will Creditors Stop Calling?

If you have successfully filed for bankruptcy, you may be wondering when creditors will finally stop calling to harass you. Under national law, the creditor must stop contacting you once a notice of ...
Continue reading "When Will Creditors Stop Calling?" »

Student Loans & Bankruptcy

If you have student loans that are taking over your finances, you may be curious about bankruptcy. The bad news is that, as a rule, student loans are not discharged by any type of bankruptcy. However, ...
Continue reading "Student Loans & Bankruptcy" »

Slight Foreclosure Increase Reported

The first quarter of 2011 saw a slight increase in foreclosure filings, 28 percent, compared to 27 percent from the previous quarter; this, however, is an improvement from the same quarter of 2010, ...
Continue reading "Slight Foreclosure Increase Reported" »
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