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Blog Posts in November, 2011

Real Estate Slows in Illinois

According to one Illinois association, the sale of homes and condominiums in the state showed a decline in October. However, this figure is still higher than it was compared to the same period last ...
Continue reading "Real Estate Slows in Illinois" »

Foreclosures Escalate Nationally

Last quarter saw an increase in national foreclosures when compared to the two quarters preceding it. While this increase is certainly not wanted, it was not a surprise to most in the financial ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures Escalate Nationally" »

Postal Service Faces Bankruptcy

One of the greatest institutions of our nation, the postal service, is in danger of filing for bankruptcy. In an effort to hold off on business bankruptcy, the U.S. Postal Service is taking measures ...
Continue reading "Postal Service Faces Bankruptcy" »

Two Types of Bankruptcy Available to Consumers

Are you thinking about pursuing bankruptcy due to your debts? If so, you have likely heard about two different types of bankruptcy offered in the U.S.: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Depending on your ...
Continue reading "Two Types of Bankruptcy Available to Consumers" »

Tips to Relieve Debt

Are you in serious debt? If so, there are several ways that you can work yourself out of your financial hardships and back to more stable ground. First, you could use your assets as leverage to get ...
Continue reading "Tips to Relieve Debt" »

Foreclosures Increased in Illinois in October

While some homeowners enjoyed a period of relief during the robo-signing scandal of last year and early this year, foreclosure rates are back on the rise. According to a company that watches ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures Increased in Illinois in October" »

Bankruptcy Statistics Show Decline

The state of Indiana received good news last month: it had fewer bankruptcies during the last fiscal year compared to the previous year. According to one recent report, the state saw an 8 percent ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Statistics Show Decline" »

Global Firm in Hot Water

A global firm is in hot water after filing for business bankruptcy earlier this month. While this is not surprising in and of itself considering the high rate of business bankruptcies recently, there ...
Continue reading "Global Firm in Hot Water" »

Short Sales: Alternative to Foreclosure

If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, it is no surprise as thousands of people just like you across America are in the same boat. However, you do have options when it comes to ...
Continue reading "Short Sales: Alternative to Foreclosure" »

Bankruptcy Filings Lower in October

Good news - bankruptcy filings are on the decline across the country, giving hope that the economy may slowly be starting to repair itself. According to one researcher, the filings for October 2011 ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Filings Lower in October" »

Chapter 7 Discharge Order

Once you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and received court approval, you will then need a discharge order. This is an important document that tells your creditors that you have successfully filed ...
Continue reading "Chapter 7 Discharge Order" »

Getting a Bankruptcy Trustee

Have you recently decided to file for bankruptcy? If so, you will soon be appointed a bankruptcy trustee. If you filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a judge will appoint you a trustee to ...
Continue reading "Getting a Bankruptcy Trustee" »

National Bank Ordered to Continue Creditor Mediation

Rather than decide the case herself just yet, a bankruptcy judge in Wilmington, Delaware has ordered a national bank to continue mediation with its creditors. According to her ruling last week, the ...
Continue reading "National Bank Ordered to Continue Creditor Mediation" »

Put an End to Creditor Abuse

While nobody likes to be in debt, being harassed by creditors is not only wrong, it is illegal. Thanks to the FDCPA, creditors have certain laws that they must follow when they attempt to contact you. ...
Continue reading "Put an End to Creditor Abuse" »

Keep Your Assets with Chapter 13

Are you in danger of losing your home or car due to unpaid bills? If so, you may be an eligible candidate for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will not be asked to sell of your ...
Continue reading "Keep Your Assets with Chapter 13" »

Bankruptcy Can Alleviate Your Financial Stress

Sure, bankruptcy does carry a social stigma for those who file. However, it can change your life for the better if you understand how bankruptcy really works. If you are seriously in debt with no way ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Can Alleviate Your Financial Stress" »

Creditors Forcing Company into Chapter 7

A real estate developer in Florida may be forced to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if the company's creditors get their way. When a company has serious debts, its creditors can file a motion to ...
Continue reading "Creditors Forcing Company into Chapter 7" »

Pizza Chain Gets Buy Out Offer

A popular pizza restaurant chain in Chicago, Illinois could be coming to the end of its business bankruptcy filing, thanks to a serious offer to buy out its restaurant operations. According to a ...
Continue reading "Pizza Chain Gets Buy Out Offer" »

Basic Bankruptcy Questions

Many people interested in filing for bankruptcy typically ask the same questions. First and foremost, people wonder who can file for bankruptcy. The simple answer is that any honest individual in ...
Continue reading "Basic Bankruptcy Questions" »

Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 and Chapter 7

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is considered the business bankruptcy. It's a way of restructuring debt to help companies become profitable. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually preferable to Chapter 7 ...
Continue reading "Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 and Chapter 7" »

Child Support Still Must Be Paid Post-Bankruptcy

It's important to understand that when filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your child support obligations will not be discharged. When your bankruptcy case begins, most of your debts ...
Continue reading "Child Support Still Must Be Paid Post-Bankruptcy" »

Bankruptcy and Your Student Loans

Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law most debts can be discharged. However, there are certain non-dischargeable debts that even Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually can't wipe away. These debts include student ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy and Your Student Loans" »
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