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Recent Posts in Bankruptcy Process Category

Chapter 7 Discharge Order

Once you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and received court approval, you will then need a discharge order. This is an important document that tells your creditors that you have successfully filed ...
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Getting a Bankruptcy Trustee

Have you recently decided to file for bankruptcy? If so, you will soon be appointed a bankruptcy trustee. If you filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a judge will appoint you a trustee to ...
Continue reading "Getting a Bankruptcy Trustee" »

First Meeting of Creditors

Unlike business bankruptcy cases where you could easily spend hours in court, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is usually much simpler. While your lawyer can go to court for you most of the time, there is ...
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Chapter 7 Outside of the Courtroom

Despite what you may have heard about in the media, not all bankruptcy cases are fought in the court room. In fact, many cases are settled outside of court, which is preferable for both the overworked ...
Continue reading "Chapter 7 Outside of the Courtroom" »

Qualifying for Chapter 7

Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often seen as the most preferred chapter to file under, not everyone will qualify for its protection. According the United States Bankruptcy Code, a partnership, ...
Continue reading "Qualifying for Chapter 7" »

The Chapter 13 Process

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the process may not be that easy or quick. Since you will be asking a judge to allow you to repay your debt over the course of three to five years, you will ...
Continue reading "The Chapter 13 Process" »

Bankruptcy and the 341 Meeting

Have you recently filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy ? If so, you need to start preparing for your 341 meeting of creditors. While the title may sound imposing, this is a regular part of Chapter 13 ...
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90 Days Before Filing for Chapter 7

Are you in a financial crisis? If so, you may already be contemplating Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, when you have decided to take control of your finances, there are several requirements you must ...
Continue reading "90 Days Before Filing for Chapter 7" »

Questions Asked during 341 Meetings

If you have recently filed for bankruptcy then you need to start preparing for the questions that will be asked during a 341 meeting. At this time a trustee will ask your name, social security number ...
Continue reading "Questions Asked during 341 Meetings" »

The Costs Associated with Bankruptcy

When you first decide to file for bankruptcy you will undoubtedly have a list of questions. For example, you might be wondering if it actually costs anything to file. There are indeed payments that ...
Continue reading "The Costs Associated with Bankruptcy" »

What is an Automatic Stay?

When you are filing for bankruptcy you will often hear the term "automatic stay." You should become familiar with this term even if it does not apply to your situation. This is an important form of ...
Continue reading "What is an Automatic Stay?" »

Do You Have to Appear in Court When Filing for Bankruptcy?

If you are wondering whether or not you will have to go to court for your bankruptcy case, the short answer is yes. However, your required visit to file will not be in front of a judge. You will be ...
Continue reading "Do You Have to Appear in Court When Filing for Bankruptcy?" »
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