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Recent Posts in Business Bankruptcy Category

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Developer Files for Chapter 7 due to Belly Up Projects

As the housing economy across the country is struggling to regain its former grandeur, developers left and right have been filing for bankruptcy. One such developer in Wichita was forced to file for ...
Continue reading "Developer Files for Chapter 7 due to Belly Up Projects" »

Businessman Takes Life after Filing for Chapter 11

Police are investigating the case of a businessman who took his own life last week in Aspen. The restaurateur moved from Las Vegas to Aspen last year in 2008 to open up a restaurant and club. Just a ...
Continue reading "Businessman Takes Life after Filing for Chapter 11" »

Manhattan Judge Issues Surprise Ruling

A Manhattan judge issued a surprising ruling this week regarding the bankruptcy case of a brokerage firm. The New York based firm filed for business bankruptcy earlier this year, prompting an outcry ...
Continue reading "Manhattan Judge Issues Surprise Ruling" »

Global Firm in Hot Water

A global firm is in hot water after filing for business bankruptcy earlier this month. While this is not surprising in and of itself considering the high rate of business bankruptcies recently, there ...
Continue reading "Global Firm in Hot Water" »

National Bank Ordered to Continue Creditor Mediation

Rather than decide the case herself just yet, a bankruptcy judge in Wilmington, Delaware has ordered a national bank to continue mediation with its creditors. According to her ruling last week, the ...
Continue reading "National Bank Ordered to Continue Creditor Mediation" »

Pizza Chain Gets Buy Out Offer

A popular pizza restaurant chain in Chicago, Illinois could be coming to the end of its business bankruptcy filing, thanks to a serious offer to buy out its restaurant operations. According to a ...
Continue reading "Pizza Chain Gets Buy Out Offer" »

Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 and Chapter 7

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is considered the business bankruptcy. It's a way of restructuring debt to help companies become profitable. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually preferable to Chapter 7 ...
Continue reading "Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 and Chapter 7" »

Bankruptcy Judge Enlists Help of Mediator

After realizing that one of his cases had come to a brief standstill, one bankruptcy judge decided to bring in another judge to put an end to the conflicts between the parties involved in the Chapter ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Judge Enlists Help of Mediator" »

Arizona Racetrack Still Sorting Through Bankruptcy

An Arizona based racetrack has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and has created numerous headaches for the trustee responsible for overseeing the case. The bankrupt racetrack owes millions of dollars to ...
Continue reading "Arizona Racetrack Still Sorting Through Bankruptcy" »

Company Gives Out Executive Bonuses during Business Bankruptcy

One organization sparked a controversy recently when their business bankruptcy judge allowed the company to give out millions of dollars in bonuses to a few hundred top managers in the company. ...
Continue reading "Company Gives Out Executive Bonuses during Business Bankruptcy" »

Restaurant Opts for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

One restaurant company tried to restructure its debts, but failed, and had to seek a different type of bankruptcy. The company, which operates Mexican chain restaurants in California, New York, ...
Continue reading "Restaurant Opts for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" »

Newspaper Still Trying to Resolve Bankruptcy

Not all bankruptcy cases are easy to complete, especially when they involve millions of dollars worth of debt. Such is the case of a national newspaper company that has been attempting to complete its ...
Continue reading "Newspaper Still Trying to Resolve Bankruptcy" »

Well Known Chicago Company Files for Bankruptcy

Another great Chicago institution has been forced to file for bankruptcy, but this company will not be remaining open for business. The famous meat store has been forced to shut its doors after 150 ...
Continue reading "Well Known Chicago Company Files for Bankruptcy" »

Camera Company Still Denying Bankruptcy Rumors

A camera company is vehemently denying recent claims of business bankruptcy despite public knowledge that the company is failing. As the company that brought the first consumer camera to the market in ...
Continue reading "Camera Company Still Denying Bankruptcy Rumors" »

Car Company Gets Bankruptcy Approval

A Swedish car company has finally been approved for bankruptcy protection, a necessary move to save it from financial ruin. News sources say that a court approved the business bankruptcy this month, ...
Continue reading "Car Company Gets Bankruptcy Approval" »

Jeweler Files for Chapter 11 to Avoid Liquidation

In order to avoid being liquidated, one major jewelry company was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this month. The company's largest creditor, a bank, filed papers of intent in July ...
Continue reading "Jeweler Files for Chapter 11 to Avoid Liquidation" »

Professional Baseball Team Still Dealing with Bankruptcy Battle

A Los Angeles baseball team has had a difficult year while its owner not only went through a messy divorce, but filed for business bankruptcy as well. The team was forced to file for bankruptcy back ...
Continue reading "Professional Baseball Team Still Dealing with Bankruptcy Battle" »

Company in Bankruptcy files Copyright Lawsuit

Even though the company is partially funded by a billionaire investor, a copyright lawsuit filer may be forced to pursue business bankruptcy. The company is currently in the middle of a serious ...
Continue reading "Company in Bankruptcy files Copyright Lawsuit" »

Bidders Fight Over Bankrupt Chicago Pizza Chain

After filing for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy last year, a popular Chicago-based pizzeria chain already has some interested bidders. Among them is a local owner who already has several ...
Continue reading "Bidders Fight Over Bankrupt Chicago Pizza Chain" »

Bankrupt Newspaper Introduces New Incentive Plan

One of the largest newspaper companies in the country is plowing ahead in its business bankruptcy plans with talk of a new incentive program. If successful, the payout plan will help the company ...
Continue reading "Bankrupt Newspaper Introduces New Incentive Plan" »

Small Businesses May Opt for Chapter 11

Filing for business bankruptcy can be a nightmare if you do not know which Chapter to file under. Based on U.S. bankruptcy law, most small businesses will benefit from filing under Chapter 11 ...
Continue reading "Small Businesses May Opt for Chapter 11" »

Paper Company Decides to File for Business Bankruptcy

After nearly 100 years in the business, a paper company announced this week its intentions to file for business bankruptcy. Based out of Michigan, the company formed in 1914. Since then, it has ...
Continue reading "Paper Company Decides to File for Business Bankruptcy" »

Company Hopes to Get Operations Running Post-Bankruptcy

Just in time for the holidays, a famous fruit gift box company hopes to get back up and running after winning approval of its business bankruptcy. The company, which has been in operation since 1930, ...
Continue reading "Company Hopes to Get Operations Running Post-Bankruptcy" »

Franchises Anger Disrupts Pizzeria's Bankruptcy

While the recipes behind a Chicago pizzeria's famous pies have long been secret, they are becoming a serious issue in the company's bankruptcy case. While all of the franchises are supposed to ...
Continue reading "Franchises Anger Disrupts Pizzeria's Bankruptcy" »

Mobile Home Subjected to Foreclosure

Residents of a mobile home park in Illinois found out they may be losing their homes forever due to foreclosure after the park's owner unsuccessful with his Chapter 11 filing. The owner of the ...
Continue reading "Mobile Home Subjected to Foreclosure" »
32 results found. Viewing page 1 of 2. Go to page 1 2   Next
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