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Recent Posts in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Category

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Two Types of Bankruptcy Available to Consumers

Are you thinking about pursuing bankruptcy due to your debts? If so, you have likely heard about two different types of bankruptcy offered in the U.S.: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Depending on your ...
Continue reading "Two Types of Bankruptcy Available to Consumers" »

Getting a Bankruptcy Trustee

Have you recently decided to file for bankruptcy? If so, you will soon be appointed a bankruptcy trustee. If you filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a judge will appoint you a trustee to ...
Continue reading "Getting a Bankruptcy Trustee" »

Keep Your Assets with Chapter 13

Are you in danger of losing your home or car due to unpaid bills? If so, you may be an eligible candidate for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will not be asked to sell of your ...
Continue reading "Keep Your Assets with Chapter 13" »

Bankruptcy Can Alleviate Your Financial Stress

Sure, bankruptcy does carry a social stigma for those who file. However, it can change your life for the better if you understand how bankruptcy really works. If you are seriously in debt with no way ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Can Alleviate Your Financial Stress" »

Basic Bankruptcy Questions

Many people interested in filing for bankruptcy typically ask the same questions. First and foremost, people wonder who can file for bankruptcy. The simple answer is that any honest individual in ...
Continue reading "Basic Bankruptcy Questions" »

Child Support Still Must Be Paid Post-Bankruptcy

It's important to understand that when filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your child support obligations will not be discharged. When your bankruptcy case begins, most of your debts ...
Continue reading "Child Support Still Must Be Paid Post-Bankruptcy" »

Bankruptcy and Your Student Loans

Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law most debts can be discharged. However, there are certain non-dischargeable debts that even Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually can't wipe away. These debts include student ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy and Your Student Loans" »

Bankruptcy Code Makes it Harder to Qualify for Chapter 7

In 2005 Congress enacted changes to the Bankruptcy Code that made it more difficult to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. One of the most important changes was the " means test " - a standard ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Code Makes it Harder to Qualify for Chapter 7" »

Non-Exempt Property Under Chapter 13

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will not have to sell off your assets in order to pay your debts. However, an important exception is that property you own that is not exempt under Chapter 13 ...
Continue reading "Non-Exempt Property Under Chapter 13" »

Deciding Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used by individuals to pay off their debts. However, Chapter 13 bankruptcy has a number of advantages over Chapter 7. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the ...
Continue reading "Deciding Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13" »

Chapter 13 Allows You to Address Your Debt

Are you considering bankruptcy but aren't sure whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection? There are a few hints to help make your decision easier. If you are willing and ...
Continue reading "Chapter 13 Allows You to Address Your Debt" »

More College Graduates Filing for Bankruptcy

Curious who is filing for bankruptcy these days? Well, if you guessed college graduates, you would be correct. In fact, individuals with bachelor's degrees are the fastest growing group of ...
Continue reading "More College Graduates Filing for Bankruptcy" »

Is Chapter 13 Right for You?

Are you considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a way to deal with your financial challenges? If so, you need to be certain that this is the type of bankruptcy that you want to complete before you have ...
Continue reading "Is Chapter 13 Right for You?" »

Addressing Debt with Bankruptcy

Are you constantly struggling to make payments toward debts? Are you already behind on certain payments? If so, you may qualify for bankruptcy. However, before you make submit all the paperwork, it is ...
Continue reading "Addressing Debt with Bankruptcy" »

Keeping Your Home with Chapter 13

Are you considering bankruptcy as a way to avoid additional financial hardship or the loss of your home? If so, you might qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While most people will try to file for ...
Continue reading "Keeping Your Home with Chapter 13" »

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Understanding the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can make all the difference in the success of your bankruptcy filing. The primary difference between the two types of ...
Continue reading "Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13" »

The Chapter 13 Process

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the process may not be that easy or quick. Since you will be asking a judge to allow you to repay your debt over the course of three to five years, you will ...
Continue reading "The Chapter 13 Process" »

Bankruptcy and the 341 Meeting

Have you recently filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy ? If so, you need to start preparing for your 341 meeting of creditors. While the title may sound imposing, this is a regular part of Chapter 13 ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy and the 341 Meeting" »

Debt Consolidation vs. Chapter 13

When you have serious debts, you may feel that debt consolidation is an option. However, did you know that Chapter 13 bankruptcy also allows you to restructure your debts? Rather than go to a debt ...
Continue reading "Debt Consolidation vs. Chapter 13" »

Lawmaker Unsuccessful with Chapter 13

Just because you have been approved for bankruptcy doesn't mean that you have an easy road ahead of you. One former Virginia lawmaker and his wife learned this lesson the hard way after their ...
Continue reading "Lawmaker Unsuccessful with Chapter 13" »

The Impact of Chapter 13 on Your Finances

Once you have decided to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are many aspects of your life that will change. Of course, the circumstances of your bankruptcy filing will dictate exactly what will ...
Continue reading "The Impact of Chapter 13 on Your Finances" »

The Fees Associated with Consumer Bankruptcy

When you decide to file for bankruptcy, the last thing you want to worry about is incurring even more debt in the process. While filing for bankruptcy is not free, it doesn't have to be as costly ...
Continue reading "The Fees Associated with Consumer Bankruptcy" »

73,000 People Filed for Bankruptcy in Illinois This Past Year

If you are having difficulty paying bills on time, you are not the only one. Recent studies show that one out of every 177 people in Illinois have filed for bankruptcy in the last year alone, ...
Continue reading "73,000 People Filed for Bankruptcy in Illinois This Past Year" »

3 Important Chapter 13 Eligibility Requirements

If you are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, there are three eligibility requirements that you must pass. If you filed for bankruptcy in the past six months and your case was dismissed, ...
Continue reading "3 Important Chapter 13 Eligibility Requirements" »

Financial Relief with Chapter 13

If you are worried about your finances plummeting any further into the red, it is time to think about Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Although businesses can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection as well, ...
Continue reading "Financial Relief with Chapter 13" »
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