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Recent Posts in Creditor Harassment Category

Put an End to Creditor Abuse

While nobody likes to be in debt, being harassed by creditors is not only wrong, it is illegal. Thanks to the FDCPA, creditors have certain laws that they must follow when they attempt to contact you. ...
Continue reading "Put an End to Creditor Abuse" »

Dealing with Creditor Abuse

Do you feel like you are being harassed by your debt collectors? If you are like many people, you may not know that you actually have rights as a debtor. Understanding what these rights are may help ...
Continue reading "Dealing with Creditor Abuse" »

Stopping Creditor Abuse

Are you in serious credit card debt? If so, you are likely to be receiving daily phone calls from creditors and debt collection companies. Believe it or not, you do have rights as a debtor, rights ...
Continue reading "Stopping Creditor Abuse" »

What to do When Creditors Harass You

One of the reasons people finally decide to file for bankruptcy is to avoid the constant phone calls and mailers from creditors. When you file for bankruptcy, you are given an "automatic ...
Continue reading "What to do When Creditors Harass You" »

Dealing with Collection Phone Calls

When you are in serious credit card debt, you may receive phone calls from creditors on a daily basis. While you may be irked by the constant ringing of your phone, you may be surprised to learn that ...
Continue reading "Dealing with Collection Phone Calls" »

Know Your Rights, Stop Creditor Abuse

Have you recently become a victim of creditor abuse ? If so, you need to familiarize yourself with your rights. When a creditor calls, you do not need to discuss any personal details with that person. ...
Continue reading "Know Your Rights, Stop Creditor Abuse" »

Creditor Abuse and Your Rights

Are you a victim of creditor harassment ? If so, you need to learn about your rights now to protect them in the future. If a creditor has been calling your friends or family, this can often be seen ...
Continue reading "Creditor Abuse and Your Rights" »

When Will Creditors Stop Calling?

If you have successfully filed for bankruptcy, you may be wondering when creditors will finally stop calling to harass you. Under national law, the creditor must stop contacting you once a notice of ...
Continue reading "When Will Creditors Stop Calling?" »

Dealing with Creditor Harassment

If you are behind on some payments, you may already have become a victim of creditor harassment. There are ways that you can end or avoid any further harassment, but they will take some effort on your ...
Continue reading "Dealing with Creditor Harassment" »

Understanding Your Rights as a Consumer

If you believe that you have become a victim of creditor harassment, you should be aware of what your rights are. By law, your creditor cannot release personal information about your debts to anyone. ...
Continue reading "Understanding Your Rights as a Consumer" »

Creditors Harass Debtor on Social Networking Site

When Melanie Beacham fell behind on her car payments, her auto loan account was sent to a collections company. This happens to thousands of people every year who are unable to make payments; however, ...
Continue reading "Creditors Harass Debtor on Social Networking Site" »

What Collection Behavior is Acceptable?

Have you been harassed by collections agencies recently? You should be aware of what normal behavior is and what type of negative behavior to watch out for. For example, they may pressure you to ...
Continue reading "What Collection Behavior is Acceptable?" »

What is Considered Creditor Harassment?

If you have fallen behind on your bills, you may notice that your creditors are starting to call you to collect the debt that you owe. While creditors are allowed to contact you to make collection ...
Continue reading "What is Considered Creditor Harassment?" »
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