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Recent Posts in Foreclosure Category

Maryland Faces Huge Foreclosure Backlog

The past few years have seen so many foreclosures logged on court records that some states anticipate going through them for decades. One popular blog in Baltimore noted that with the slow rate of ...
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Real Estate Slows in Illinois

According to one Illinois association, the sale of homes and condominiums in the state showed a decline in October. However, this figure is still higher than it was compared to the same period last ...
Continue reading "Real Estate Slows in Illinois" »

Foreclosures Escalate Nationally

Last quarter saw an increase in national foreclosures when compared to the two quarters preceding it. While this increase is certainly not wanted, it was not a surprise to most in the financial ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures Escalate Nationally" »

Foreclosures Increased in Illinois in October

While some homeowners enjoyed a period of relief during the robo-signing scandal of last year and early this year, foreclosure rates are back on the rise. According to a company that watches ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures Increased in Illinois in October" »

Short Sales: Alternative to Foreclosure

If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, it is no surprise as thousands of people just like you across America are in the same boat. However, you do have options when it comes to ...
Continue reading "Short Sales: Alternative to Foreclosure" »

Home Prices May Fall as Foreclosures Resume

It looks like home prices are going to fall again as banks get ready to foreclose on millions of homes that have had their foreclosures delayed due to a one-year government investigation into mortgage ...
Continue reading "Home Prices May Fall as Foreclosures Resume" »

Decline in Foreclosures Not Expected to Last

Although foreclosure filings across the country have dropped, financial experts believe that this trend is short-lived. According to a company that watches trends in the housing market, areas like ...
Continue reading "Decline in Foreclosures Not Expected to Last" »

Foreclosure Program a Failure

Not all the funds appropriated for government funds are actually used as intended, as was proven by the relative failure of one federal program. According to the Department of Urban Housing and ...
Continue reading "Foreclosure Program a Failure" »

Chicago Foreclosures Take Average of 359 Days to Complete

While foreclosure auctions in Chicago are declining, it is reported that foreclosures in the city are taking longer to process or complete. According to one company, the first six months of 2011 saw a ...
Continue reading "Chicago Foreclosures Take Average of 359 Days to Complete" »

Woman Purchases Home for $1 and Faces Foreclosure

Just because you purchase a home for one dollar does not mean you are actually getting a good deal. That is what one woman learned when she bought a 19 th century Victorian home for just one hundred ...
Continue reading "Woman Purchases Home for $1 and Faces Foreclosure" »

Mortgage Surplus Fund Reported in Cook County

Did you know that you could regain some money from the sale of your foreclosed home? While it is not a certainty, it can happen when a home is sold for more than what was owed to the bank. This came ...
Continue reading "Mortgage Surplus Fund Reported in Cook County" »

Singer Faces Foreclosure of Chicago Property

Despite all of his successes over the past years, one singer has been informed that his property may be up for foreclosure in the near future. After reviewing their records, a bank claims that the ...
Continue reading "Singer Faces Foreclosure of Chicago Property" »

Attorneys for Illinois May Sue North Carolina Banks for Foreclosure Practices

If a settlement isn't reached soon, state attorneys for Illinois and North Carolina plan on suing several banks over their foreclosure practices. According to Attorney General Lisa Madigan and ...
Continue reading "Attorneys for Illinois May Sue North Carolina Banks for Foreclosure Practices" »

Dramatic Increase in Foreclosures for Cook County

An increase in Cook County foreclosures is the reported reason for a dramatic increase in foreclosure filings in the Chicago area. In May, about 3,560 homeowners in Cook County alone were informed ...
Continue reading "Dramatic Increase in Foreclosures for Cook County" »

Slight Foreclosure Increase Reported

The first quarter of 2011 saw a slight increase in foreclosure filings, 28 percent, compared to 27 percent from the previous quarter; this, however, is an improvement from the same quarter of 2010, ...
Continue reading "Slight Foreclosure Increase Reported" »

Foreclosure Sales Increase in Illinois

During the first quarter of 2011, sales of foreclosed homes in Illinois made up 29% of all sales in the state. While this number is impressive, it does represent a decline from the year before. ...
Continue reading "Foreclosure Sales Increase in Illinois" »

Foreclosures in Chicago

All foreclosures in the state of Illinois are judicial, meaning that it is the role of the court to complete the foreclosure process. The process begins with a judgment of foreclosure, which can be ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures in Chicago" »

Stop Foreclosure with Chapter 13

It is possible to stop the foreclosure of your home by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If so, how? In many cases people file for this type of bankruptcy solely to prevent the sale of their home as a ...
Continue reading "Stop Foreclosure with Chapter 13" »

Illinois Foreclosures Decrease by 33% Last Month

According to, a website that shows foreclosed properties around the country, the state of Illinois enjoyed a 33 percent decrease in new foreclosure filings last month. However, even ...
Continue reading "Illinois Foreclosures Decrease by 33% Last Month" »

15,000 Properties Remain Vacant in Chicago

According to recent figures there are nearly 15,000 vacant properties in Chicago, 85% of which are in the foreclosure process. Yet Chicago is not the only area of the country dealing with an ...
Continue reading "15,000 Properties Remain Vacant in Chicago" »

Foreclosures Expected to Trend Upwards in 2011

Foreclosures in Chicago have increased 14% between 2009 and 2010 and are expected to trend upwards in 2011 according to a local non-profit group Woodstock Institute. Of the six counties that comprise ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures Expected to Trend Upwards in 2011" »

Foreclosures Continue to Increase Throughout the Country

Things are not looking good for the American financial landscape as foreclosures increased across the country, adding to the already high levels of unemployment. According to a monthly analysis ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures Continue to Increase Throughout the Country" »

Talking with Lenders About Foreclosure

Even though there has been a lot of negative press about lenders recently, you might be surprised to find that they are not unwilling to talk to you about your options. They are more willing to listen ...
Continue reading "Talking with Lenders About Foreclosure" »

Chicago Hit hard by Foreclosures

Like other big cities Chicago has been hit hard by the foreclosure epidemic sweeping the nation. The city experienced a twenty percent increase in bank repossessions of foreclosures in 2010, amounting ...
Continue reading "Chicago Hit hard by Foreclosures" »

Exploring Alternatives to Foreclosure

If you are searching for alternatives to foreclosure there are options that allow you to give up ownership of your home without affecting your credit score as much as foreclosure would. You can opt to ...
Continue reading "Exploring Alternatives to Foreclosure" »
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