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Foreclosure Law

Foreclosure Attorney

Typically, after three missed payments on a mortgage, the mortgage company begins the initial foreclosure process. The entire foreclosure process is extensive and usually lasts over 200 days. After several missed payments on the mortgage, the lender's attorney drafts a Foreclosure Complaint.

Within 60 days, the Foreclosure Complaint is served by sheriff officials, and shortly after that you are given a Foreclosure Judgment. This includes a date to appear in court. After receiving that, you have 90 days to pay back the entire mortgage owed and retain your house. If after the 90 days, you haven't raised the money to pay back the mortgage you still have an option. You can ask for a "continuance" where the court postpones a decision on your case. This buys you time to come up with a solution or obtain help.

In the meantime you can hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you arrange the affairs of your mortgage and foreclosure. This is an opportunity that you have to fight against a mortgage company seeking to foreclose your home. If you lose the trial after the Foreclosure Judgment, then you will be issued a court order that you do not own your home anymore and may be forced to move out in as short as three months.

Some mortgages were sold without regard for the buyer, and the violated the law in the initial paperwork or other aspect. In such cases, it may be possible to file an action against the company and assist in avoiding the loss of a property.

See our page on fighting foreclosure to see how we at Bizar & Doyle can help you resolve or fight foreclosure. Our lawyers are ready to help you in addressing all legal matters and solutions for this stressful financial problem. There is a lot to understand about foreclosure and you and your family deserve the best chance to retain your home.

Contact a Foreclosure Lawyer from our firm if you been given a notice of foreclosing, if you have missed payments or if you need legal help with avoiding foreclosure.

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